Websites are a tricky business. Obviously, you want a nice, functional design for your customers. However, some other areas you want to think about are how often would you remember to update key items (photos, hours, services, etc), who will be updating and how "in-touch" with technology are they, and have you looked at other businesses/companies in your industry? 

Many people want a website that just puts their name out there but they do not realize that a lot more work goes into them such as the search engine optimization (seo), regular updating, and making sure that they presence you already have on social media and in person is a unified reflection on your website.

As a freelance web designers, I pride myself in building a relationship with my clients so I can get a sense of what they are about, the goals they have for the future, and some of the things they may be struggling with in terms of a website/social media/marketing. 

Allow me to sit down with you and see how I might help grow your business with a fresh, new website that meets your needs and could be a welcomed change for your current and future customers.

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